The organization opens and periodically makes deposit into a special medical savings account (MSA) to take care of any bill its staff/dependants may incur. Medical bills incurred by staff/dependants are settled from this account which is replenished periodically.

Oceanic Health shall supply a list of standard healthcare providers to the organization.
Oceanic Health monitors utilization of medical services and maintain quality of health care services provided by the network of healthcare providers.

Oceanic Health, for a management fee, deploys its medical management expertise to audit all bills presented by the healthcare providers and thereafter makes appropriate payment to the providers.

Payments are made for only medical services received. The scope and value of medical services provided to the organisation is only limited by its medical policies.

Reconciliation of payment made from the account (MSA) is conducted every month by Oceanic Health and representatives of the organisation.


Communicate the extent of the suitability of our proposal in meeting your health needs.
Avail us the opportunity to discuss your needs more thoroughly to proffer more accurate solutions to your peculiar needs.

Sequel to the acceptability of our solution, we shall commence implementation of scheme immediately.

If otherwise, we review the implementation plan until we arrive at the appropriate solution.

After 6 months, we review our progress, share the findings with you and make any adjustments if necessary. At the end of the year, we shall conduct another review and make further adjustments if necessary.

Management Fees

We offer value for money and the cost of not using our services can be found in many cases to be more than our fees.

Our management services would attract a management fee of 10% of the actual Medical Bills approved by our Medical Team for payment.