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Yes, each family member can choose a hospital different from the principal Insured if they reside in different locations.

The enrollee should immediately notify the HMO for loss or theft of the HMO ID card.

However, replacement of the ID card would attract a fee from the enrollee.

Yes, As soon as you get your ID card. Your details will be sent to your hospital of choice for you to receive care.

Yes we cover antenatal care and child delivery (including C/S), and gynecological care. please see our  plans and products to know which plan covers this.

No, you will not be required to pay any additional amount nor any deductions made for high medical bills regardless of the number of visits made to the hospital.

The plans available are the Platinum plan, Gold Plus plan, Gold plan, Silver plan and the Standard plan.

If you are within your locality, go to your chosen hospital, or to the nearest hospital, but ensure that Oceanic Health Limited is informed of this within 24 hours.

You can also call our help line immediately for prompt intervention on 01-7100808, 080030003000 -Toll Free,  070030003000

Referral letters are given from the primary providers or from the HMO to enable you access care from the dental and eye centers.

If you require medical care while out of your station, go to any of the hospitals on our network and present your HMO ID card and you will be attended to.

If you are not certain of the nearest hospital, you can check our provider list or call any of our 24 hour help lines for details.

Enrollees are encouraged to attend hospitals with their HMO ID cards. This serves for proper identification and documentation.

Enrollees are allowed to change providers as often as deemed necessary, but are encouraged to inform the HMO of complaints regarding the provider/scheme for quick resolution.

Request for such changes be sent to the HMO office 2 weeks before end of every quarter, and to take effect on the first week of the following quarter.

There are no limits to the number of times an enrollee can visit the hospital for medical attention.