About Us

Oceanic Health Management Limited is one of the foremost health insurance companies in Nigeria. The company was incorporated in February 2007 as one of the subsidiaries of the now defunct Oceanic Bank Group.

The company is an accredited national health insurance provider with offices across the 6 geopolitical zones of Nigeria and has the authorized share capital required to do so.
We have a state of the art 24 hour call centre with experienced and knowledgeable executives to attend to your enquiries. Our product offerings cut across all sectors.


“ To be the trusted HMO partner ensuring quality healthcare for 100% of our members.’’


‘’ To facilitate access to quality healthcare services ’’


To ensure a value-driven service delivery, Oceanic Health emphasizes a three-pronged approach centered on the following core areas:

– Preventive and Wellness Approach.
– Curative / Quality Assurance Approach.
– Customer Feedback Approach.


WWellness: We thrive at keeping you well
EEmpathy: We understand and share the feelings of our members
CCultured: We are characterized by refined appearance and conduct
AAccessible: We are within reach and approachable
RReliable: We are dependable
EExcellence: We are outstanding at what we do


What our patient says about us

Nothing is more precious to us than encouraging words from our clients. Rather than simply telling you how dedicated and seasoned the Oceanic health Management team is, I’d like to offer you a few examples of what our clients have had to say about us:

Our Partners/ Our Clients